2016 Josephine Baker Red Blend

Daring and bright, Josephine inspired the bold spirit behind our revolutionary Red Blend.

Audacious in character, this nuanced, revolutionary Red Blend is bright, intense and perfectly suited for those as bold as their wine. Irreverent hints of mocha & spice lend depth to nuanced layers of ripe red fruit, while silky tannins linger on the palate.

About Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was as bold on the stage as she was off of it. A show-stopping entertainer, activist, and undercover spy, Josephine was a force to be reckoned with in the Civil Rights Movement and the French Resistance. As one of the first women of color to command the global stage, she refused to perform for segregated audiences. Beneath it all, she held a bold secret, working as a rebel incognito to protect her beloved France from the Nazi regime.

"To realize our dreams, we must decide to wake up."